SGFE hold regular events throughout the year on a variety of business topics, allowing potential clients to experience the power of our I.P. These range from Breakfast Briefings to all-day training courses, workshops and conferences. Check out our Eventbrite page for more details

Business Breakfast Briefing with SGFE

How to Attract and Retain Talent

17th March 2020

One of the biggest problems facing businesses at the moment is attracting and retaining the skilled staff they need to drive growth and outrun the competition. The new generation of employees expects much more than good pay and conditions. Culture is the defining factor in attracting and keeping the right people today. Building the right culture is not just a matter of good leadership and management. You need to have a strategy and process.

Jason Walkingshaw will talk about Attracting and Retaining Talent and explains why in today’s job market, attracting and retaining talent is often top of the agenda for business leaders. What is your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)? Do you have one? Very rarely is a salary the biggest driver in a candidates/employees’ decision making process. As Head of Employee Engagement at the UK’s latest unicorn – OVO Energy, Jason Walkingshaw was in charge of the people plan that helped the company grow from 40 to 1300 people and be ranked 20th Best Place to work in the Sunday Times in 2017.

Julian Oldfield will show you convincing evidence that now is the time to implement a growth strategy. The macro-economic picture indicates a period of underlying strong economic growth between 2021 and 2031. But your business needs to have the right mix of skills and capabilities.

Your business needs to be structured for growth and Julian will reveal the secrets of achieving the most efficient and profitable team size and competition at your current stage of development. He will also explain how and why businesses grow in “jumps” rather than at a steady incremental rate and why you will get stuck at certain points in your business journey and how you get out of these “black holes” into the next growth phase.

Join us for breakfast at 8.30am followed at 9.00am by this enlightening 2 hour seminar led by renowned business strategist and top business coach Nic Rixon. You will be re-energised and should be be back at your desk by lunchtime.


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Thursday 21st November 2019


A Unique Opportunity to plan your Strategy for 2020

Business Leadership Masterclass with Nic Rixon

Do you have a plan for 2020? I don’t mean a spreadsheet loaded with sales projections, revenues, expenses etc. I mean a Contextual Plan. A plan for EVERY aspect of your business. A watchword or guideline for each business function that enables you to and your management team to make the right decision in any circumstance, so you don’t need to micro-manage everything.

This sounds like a big challenge? Yes it is – it will take all day, but think of the time and money it will save in meetings, distractions, correcting mistakes and worrying. How would you like to feel confident that people will make the right decision every time? Then you can get on with working on the business rather than in it.

Come and spend the day with Nic Rixon and his team on 21st November in London, working on your business, not just learning the tools and techniques, but to have, on one sheet of paper (albeit a fairly big sheet!) a roadmap for your whole business for 2020. One that you can consult throughout the year without getting lost in detail.

Nic and his team of experienced business coaches will help you throughout the day to create your Contextual Business Plan.

We are running this event not for profit, but to give you an experience of how SGFE works with clients to grow and develop their businesses. It’s an all day event and you will be worked hard, but it will be well worth it.

Register Now! Places are strictly limited. We can’t do this with a big audience as each attendee needs to receive personal attention to create their business plan

SGFE Business Education Programme with Nic Rixon


Nic Rixon

Coaching Masterclass with Nic Rixon 

Getting the Best from your team

How do you get the best of your team? Command and Control? Support and Encouragement? On 13th February 2020 at Goldsmiths’ Centre42 Britton Street, EC1M 5AD top business coach  Nic Rixon explains the coaching methodology that has enabled him to build top-performing teams in all of the various business ventures he has led over the last 3 decades.

Everyone wants to be successful in their chosen career and Nic shows you how to help them achieve this – to take responsibility and ownership and to come to the correct decisions without constantly referring problems up the management line. Nic will teach you to “Coach not play” and “Manage in Context”

This is the first of a series of 4 Coaching Masterclasses – with homework and practice in between. It is a complete coaching course lead by one of the most successful and experienced coaches in the UK.

With a background of senior roles  in The Coaching Academy, Shirlaws Business Coaching and the Dales Carnegie Organisation, Nic’s credential in training coaches are impeccable. Take this opportunity to learn from the best.!